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Upcoming Childrens Events


Storytime programs and special events for children of all ages are offered at the Monmouth County Library Branches.  "Click here to see Branch programming". Some programs require registration so please check with your Branch Location.
Suggested Reading- Preschool (Ages 2-5) PDF Print E-mail


After the Fall: How Humpy Dumpty Got Back Up Again/ Dan  Santat/ JP SAN

The Bad Mood and the Stick- Lemony Snicket/ JP LEM

Egg- Kevin Henkes/ JP HEN

Good Day, Good Night- Margaret Wise Brown/ JP BRO

Goodnight, Numbers- Danica McKellar- JP MCK

Mighty Might Construction Site- Sherri Dusky Rinker/ JP RIN

On a Magical Do-nothing Day- Beatrice Alemagna- JP ALE

Spunky Little Monkey- Bill Martin/ JP MAR

Stack the Cats- Susie Ghahremani/ JP GHA

Still Stuck- Shinsuke Yoshitake/ JP YOS

Surprise!- Mike Henson/ JP HEN

They All Saw a Cat- Brendan Wenzel/ JP WEN

Triangle- Mac Burnett/ JP BUR

Trucks Galore- Peter Stein/ JP STE

Where's the Party?- Ruth Chan/ JP CHA