Suggested Reading- Preschool (Ages 2-5) Print


After the Fall: How Humpy Dumpty Got Back Up Again/ Dan  Santat/ JP SAN

The Bad Mood and the Stick- Lemony Snicket/ JP LEM

Egg- Kevin Henkes/ JP HEN

Good Day, Good Night- Margaret Wise Brown/ JP BRO

Goodnight, Numbers- Danica McKellar- JP MCK

Mighty Might Construction Site- Sherri Dusky Rinker/ JP RIN

On a Magical Do-nothing Day- Beatrice Alemagna- JP ALE

Spunky Little Monkey- Bill Martin/ JP MAR

Stack the Cats- Susie Ghahremani/ JP GHA

Still Stuck- Shinsuke Yoshitake/ JP YOS

Surprise!- Mike Henson/ JP HEN

They All Saw a Cat- Brendan Wenzel/ JP WEN

Triangle- Mac Burnett/ JP BUR

Trucks Galore- Peter Stein/ JP STE

Where's the Party?- Ruth Chan/ JP CHA