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Upcoming Childrens Events


Storytime programs and special events for children of all ages are offered at the Monmouth County Library Branches.  "Click here to see Branch programming". Some programs require registration so please check with your Branch Location.
Suggested Reading- Babies-2 years PDF Print E-mail

Animal Alphabet- Charlie Gardner/ JP GAR

Baby Animal Farm- Karen Blair/ JP BLA

Big and Small- Guido Van Genechten/ JP GEN

Butterfly Colors and Counting- Jerry Pallota/ JP PAL

Can You Say it, too? Woof! Woof!- Sebastien Braun/ JP BRA

Doggy Kisses 123- Todd Parr/ JP PAR

Five Little Pandas!- Alexis Barad- Cutler/ JP CUT

Goodnight, I Love You- Caroline Church/ JP CHU

Growl! Growl!: with big flaps to lift- Sebastien Braun/ JP BRA

Hide and Seek Around the House- Kenny Harrison/ JP HAR

I Love You, Nose! I Love You Toes! - Linda Davick/ JP DAV

I Say You Say Feelings!- Tad Carpenter/ JP CAR

Love You More- Susan Musgrave/ JP MUS

No Nap! Yes Nap!- Margie Palatini/ JP PAL

One, Two, Three... Crawl!- Carol Thompson/JP THO

Roar: a big mouthed book of sounds- Jonathan Litton/ JP LIT

Snap: a peek-through book of shapes- Jonathan Litton/ JP LIT

Tickly Toes- Susan Hood/ JP HOO

Time for Bed- Petr Horacek/ JP HOR




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