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Kindle App (Use for tablets, iPads, and smartphones)

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The Kindle app is available for computers, tablets, and mobile devices. You can only view Kindle format ebooks using the Kindle app; it is not capable of playing audiobooks. Please note that due to publisher restrictions, not every title is available in the Library on the Go! collection.
You can borrow up to 5 titles at a time.

You must have an internet connection before you can begin.
Getting Started:
1. If you do not have an Amazon account, open your internet browser and go to to create one. You can create an account by clicking/tapping Hello. Sign in Your Account in the top center right of the screen and clicking/tapping Start here.
2. For Computers: On the Amazon website, click on Shop by Department in the upper left corner. Under Kindle E-readers & Books, click on Free Kindle Reading Apps. Click Download. Open the installer to install the app onto your computer.
For Tablets and Mobile Devices: Using your tablet or mobile device, go to the app store (this may be Google Play, the Apple App Store, or a manufacturer’s app store) and search for Kindle. Once you find it, install and open it.
3. Type in your Amazon login when the Kindle app asks for it.
Once you have completed these steps the first time, you will not have to do this again unless you update or re-install the app.
Downloading a Kindle Ebook:
1. Open your internet browser.
2. Go to the Library on the Go! website at
3. Click/tap Sign In at the top right corner of the Library on the Go! page. Type in your library card number (without spaces) and click/tap Sign In.
4. To search, type in the title you are looking for into the search box and click/tap the magnifying glass.
To browse, click/tap on the genre of ebook that you are interested in.
5. Ebooks that are unavailable have a gray book icon in the top right corner of the cover.
For Computers: Bring the mouse over the cover of the ebook. Click on Place a Hold to join the waiting list.
For Tablets and Mobile Devices: Tap on the cover, then tap Place a Hold to join the waiting list.
When the book is available for you, you will receive an email notification. You will have 3 days to check the book out before you lose your place in line (unless you have automatic checkout).
6. Ebooks that are available for checkout have a dark book icon in the top right corner of the cover.
For Computers: Bring the mouse over the cover of the ebook. Click Borrow to check out.
For Tablets and Mobile Devices: Tap on the cover, then tap Borrow to check out.
7. Click/tap Download and select Kindle. Click/tap Confirm and Download. You will be redirected to the Amazon website. If you share your computer/device with someone else, make sure that you are logged into Amazon, otherwise the ebook will be checked out to the other person!
8. Double check where the Kindle ebook will be delivered, and click/tap Get Library Book.
If you are not signed into your Amazon account, click/tap Get Library Book and you will be prompted to sign in and select the ebook’s destination on the next screen.
9. Your ebook should be delivered to your computer or device. For devices, connect your device to Wifi in order to download the ebook. Open the Kindle app to read the ebook.
Returning a Kindle Ebook:
1. Go to and sign into your account.
2. Click/tap Your Account.
3. Under Digital Content, click/tap on Manage Your Content and Devices. Amazon will list the titles you have on your account. Ebooks borrowed from the library are denoted by the words Borrowed.
4. Find the title you would like to return and click/tap the ellipsis (. . .) in the Actions column and then click/tap Return this book. Confirm by clicking/tapping Yes.
Ebooks will automatically return themselves after the checkout period has ended. However, the information for the title will remain on your device and in your Amazon account until you delete it. You can remove these titles by clicking/tapping the check mark to the left of the title and then clicking/tapping Delete.

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