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New Jersey (9)
Historical Maps of New Jersey
New Jersey Data Book
Data by county as well as legislative district and includes new data sets on preschool population, food assistance (SNAP), unemployment and crime in the state’s 565 municipalities.
New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
Access various Motor Vehicle services online.
New Jersey School Directory
The school district file contains names of superintendents and business administrators. The school file contains names of principals. Both files include charter schools. Links are provided to school report cards.
New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghouse
Helping New Jerseyans Find & Form Community (and Online) Mutual Support Groups for over 32 years.
NJ DataBank
Presents data in 20 key policy areas at the state, county and municipal level. Policy areas include: business, civic engagement and energy, culture, diversity, economic conditions, education, elections, environment, food and agriculture, global connections, government, health, housing, justice, labor, population, public safety, technology, transportation and urban issues.
State of New Jersey Home
Volunteer New Jersey
New Jersey’s virtual volunteer center and is capable of connecting volunteers looking for volunteer opportunities with charities in need of volunteer assistance.

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