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Library on the Go Instructions for Kindle (excluding Kindle Fire)

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  • Go to our homepage at
  • Select the Library on the Go link - right side of the page
  • To search for books, enter title, author, or subject on the search line or click  the advanced search link for a more detailed search
  • You may also search through our eBook Fiction, Nonfiction, Audiobook, Kids & Teens, and Featured Collections links

Making a Selection:
1.    Select a book keeping in mind that the darker book icons on the books are currently available while the light gray book icons indicate that the book has holds. A headset on the book means the copy is an audiobook.
2.    To bookmark a selection to store in your account “list,” click the bookmark icon at the bottom of the selected book.
3.    Select a book by clicking on it. Then click the Borrow or Place a Hold tab on the next screen.
4.    You will be asked to enter your library card number and by checking the box below sign in, your card number will save to your computer.
5.    Place a Hold option
      a.  Provide your email address
      b.  You will be notified via email when the book is available
      c.  Upon notification, you have three days to retrieve your book
6.    Borrow option
     a.  Click Download and choose Kindle Book option
     b.  Click Confirm & Download
7.    You will automatically be redirected to Amazon
    a.  Choose the Get Library Book box
    b.  Sign in to your Amazon account
    c.  Your device should be listed as the default; then choose Continue.       
          Your book will automatically be transferred to your device.
    d.  Books may now be renewed if there are no holds. If eligible for renewal, a
          renew option link will appear three days before due date under the book on
          your bookshelf.

Returning Books:
1.  Sign in to your Amazon account.
2.  Under Your Account, go to Manage Your Kindle.
3.  Next to the book to be returned, under Actions, click on Return this Book.
4.  Go back to the returned book and under Actions, click Delete from Library.

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