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Monmouth County is committed to providing superior public service by granting electronic access to all records deemed “permanent and public” by the New Jersey Department of Archives and Records Management (NJDARM) and reducing the recurring cost of managing paper records. While there are millions of records currently available within this site, both new and existing record-types are expanded daily. Visit the County Clerk and available records are listed on the right side of the page

The county offers Monmouth County’s Open Public Records Search System (OPRS). This site is designed to support a wide range of submitters, including Banks, Law Firms, Mortgage Lenders, and Title Companies.
The public can search for Freeholder’s Meeting Minutes, check on information about mortgages and house sales, election results and any information the County Clerk maintains.

Contact a county department to determine if they have a documents collection.

The Monmouth County Archives does not hold birth or death records. You can contact either the the New Jersey State Archives for vital statistics records between May 1848 to May 1900 or the New Jersey State Department of Health, Trenton for records beginning in June 1878 to the present.

The Monmouth County Library’s collection of Monmouth County Documents at the Eastern Branch has been moved to the Monmouth County Archives located in the Library Headquarters in Manalapan.

The Eastern Branch has uncataloged information about Sandy Hook, Earle and Fort Monmouth. Each branch may have documents pertaining to their local history and areas of concern to the public (ex. Superfund Sites)

State Documents
NJ State Library Digital Collection
Click on Research Library then NJ Resources then NJ State Publications Digital Collection.
Federal Documents
Newark Public Library
Click on Collections & Services and click on U.S .Government Documents

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