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Assunpink Creek Watershed, Mercer & Monmouth Counties.
Flood Hazard Analyses April 1979
Floods of July 1975
Assunpink Creek, Pond Run, North Branch of Pond Run 1977
Raritan River Basin Delineation of Flood Hazard Areas
    Flood Hazard Report No.7 Lawrence Brook, 1972
    Flood Hazard Report N0. 8     South River Manalapan Brook 1972
    Flood Hazard Report No, 12 Millstone River Rocky Brook 1973
    Flood Hazard Report No. 17 Matchaponix Brook System 1973
Sandy Hook Bay & Raritan Bay Shore Areas, Monmouth County 1972
    Tidal Flood Plain Information
Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in NJ with effects of Urbanization
    Special Report 38
The Strategic Role of Perigean Spring Tides: In nautical History and North American Coastal Flooding, 1635-1976

Additionally each community has a file that includes a FIRM (flood insurance rate map),
Copy of correspondence from FEMA (2009) regarding Flood Insurance Study)

There is also a collection of FIRM maps for the entire state dating form 1982, 1983 and 1994.

Beth Miller, MLIS Government Documents Librarian
Monmouth County Library, Eastern Branch
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September 18, 2017

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