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Journals and Magazines

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Journals & Magazines

Journals are scientific or academic periodicals containing scholarly articles, reports, or studies that have been reviewed by other professionals in the subject field prior to publication. Articles in journals usually include an abstract at the beginning and a bibliography, works cited, or list of resources at the end.

Examples: JAMA, Journal of Research in Childhood Education,  Journal of Philosophy

Magazines are periodicals containing articles, stories, and pictures on topics such as business, fashion, music, or national news.

Examples: Bloomberg Businessweek, Jet, Vogue


Periodicals at the Monmouth County Library

Find Periodicals in Databases:

Search our Online Journal Access List by title or subject to find out which journals and magazines are in our databases. These databases are accessible outside the library to all Monmouth County Library card holders.

Find Periodicals in Print:

The Periodicals Union List (arranged alphabetically by title) shows magazines and journals held by the Monmouth County Library in print (or microfiche or roll microfilm) with date ranges and owning library.

Search Indexes:

You can find the full text of many periodical articles in our databases. Searching for a particular topic? Visit our index page to see a list of paper indexes available at the Monmouth County Library.

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