December 2017 programs

The Monmouth County Library Teenager

December 2017



Animaniacs / The Monthly Teen Anime Club On First Fridays

December 1, 2017 /3:30 – 4:30pm / Headquarters, Manalapan.

You can meet with other Anime/Manga Enthusiasts – Japanese Anime

Art and Culture discussed. Join us monthly to watch, discuss and draw

Anime and to generally just have fun. Snack for everyone!!!

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 Python workshop

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 / 6:00 – 8:30pm / Headquarters, Manalapan.

Python is a user-friendly, multi-purpose programming language

that has become a favorite of software developers across the globe.

Learn how to draw and make text based games using the Python

programming language. No experience required!python logo

Requirement:  Bring along a lap-top if you own one. If you don’t

have a laptop we will provide one for you for this program.

Registration is required for this program. We will only be able to

have 15 teens for the workshop.

Express Yourself – A Teen Craft Night

Monday, December 4 /  6:00-8pm / Headquarters, Manalapan.

Tuesday, December 5 / 6:00 – 8pm / Marlboro Library

Monday, December 11 / 6:00 – 8pm / Howell 

Come participate in fun arts/ crafts that will include a variety of projects

to spark you creativity. It will be a fun laid- back evening , so gather up a

group of friends and join us. We will supply the materials and you get to

rediscover your inner creativity.  

Projects that will be on working on for the evening:

1).  Create a KNOCK OFF - Test your artistic eye and talents as you duplicate

a Masterpiece like Van Gogh’s -“Starry Night”, Monet’s - “Water Lilies” and

“The Scream” by Edward Munch. Become your own artistic master. We will be

using acrylic paints for the project.    edvard munch

2). Paint your own Selfie – This artistic selection will require YOU to take a

good selfie and be ready to duplicate it on paper. We will be using acrylic

paints, pencils or micron ink pens.


3). Refashion a Cigar Box – Let your spirit take flight! Repurpose a cigar box

to create a Keepsake box, a container for plants, a Jewelry organizer, a shadow

box, or even create a small frame or shelf. The options are unlimited. We will

have the cigar boxes and decorative paper on hand. Bring anything extra that

you would like to use to personalize your box.


4). Art on the Rocks – Stone Painting has become increasingly popular lately!

These painted stones can make great gifts, or be used as decoration in your garden,

or on a shelf in your home. You can work out lots of funny, humorous designs

and create decorative designs and use them as a magnet on your fridge.   We

will be using acrylic paints for the project.

rock art

 5). Initial Wall Hanging – Use the initial of your name to create a great wall

hanging.  We will be using cardboard as our base, and focus on the use of yarn

with various options to complete this stand out project . We will supply all the

necessary materials.

Let it Glow:  Circuits on Paper Holiday Cards Technology Workshop

Saturday, December 9 / 12 noon – 4pm/ Headquarters, Manalapan. 

holiday cards

Have you ever wanted to give someone a Holiday greeting card of

some kind, and wanted to really impress them? Are you feeling

limited or bored with making the same old drawings with pencil,

pen or marker? Did you know it is possible to create greeting

cards that light up? This workshop is your chance to make the

best Hanukkha, or Christmas card ever!

In this activity, you will get to design, customize and create

your own light-up card that is powered with a mini battery, an

LED (or multiple LEDs), and a circuit made of copper tape. Your

design is totally up to you, but templates are available if you

want some ideas.

We will have all the necessary materials to create an impressive

card. You bring along your ideas and artistic creativity.

Registration is required for this program.

T.A.B Teen Advisory Board

Wednesday, December 13 / 7:30 – 8:30pm /

Headquarters, Manalapan.

The Monmouth County Library Teen Advisory Board meets

monthly at the Headquarters in Manalapan. You can earn Community

Service Hours by joining this great group. Come out and meet new

friends, have a snack and share your ideas for Teen programming, teen collections, and more.

This group is for students 13 – 18 years old only. `