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Join the Library’s Online Book Clubs and start receiving chapters from popular books in your email.
Monday through Friday you’ll get a portion of chapter. 

After 2 or 3 chapters from a book, we’ll start sending you a new one. If you want to check the book out, visit the library.


whats-nextUse What's Next™: Books in Series Database when you want to find out what book is
next in a series.You can enter the title of the book, the author or the name of the series and get a
list of the books in that series in order.

The What's Next ™ : Book in Series Database is developed and maintained by the Kent District Library (KDL)  in Michigan.



Tell BookSeer the last book you read or a book that you particularly liked and it displays others you might enjoy. 
All you need to do is enter the name of the title and BookSeer works its magic and you will get a list of books that you might enjoy. BooksSeer is fun, visual and provides some pretty good choices.




NovelistPlus is a great site that helps you identify new books to read. If you like a particular author, you can find read-alikes, other books that are share the same characteristics of the recent book that you enjoyed.  You can also find reading lists and award-winning titles.

 Check out Monmouth County Library at Pinterest. Pinterest is a social networking site and we have "pinned" some of our favorite books there.  We have also listed the book discussions groups in the library and information about what they big-p-buttonare discussing, and the date, time and location of that discussion. The big "P" icon on the home page next to our Facebook and Twitter icons will take you there. You do not need a Pinterest login to see what is posted.  Just click on the link,you can go straight to the board and see what is posted this month. 


bookbrowse BookBrowse is a great place to read reviews, find out what is coming soon or recently published.

Overbooked is another great resource for finding your next great book.  It was established in 1994 and includes lists of books coming soon and snippets of reviews from Kirkus and Library Journal.

bookpage BookPage is a great site for finding out what is coming soon.   It includes interviews, list of books coming out, recommendations and even book trailers.

Reading Lists 

February - Love Stories

Popular movies/TV shows that are also books

If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey

If you liked the Stieg Larsson books

If you like Mad Men

If you are interested in books about food and farming

New Jersey Authors

Biographies of Things

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