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Upcoming Childrens Events


Storytime programs and special events for children of all ages are offered at the Monmouth County Library Branches.  "Click here to see Branch programming". Some programs require registration so please check with your Branch Location.
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Here is a useful topic list:


Julius the Baby of the World- Kevin Henkes/ JP HEN

Little Frog's Tadpole Trouble- Tatyana Feeney/ JP FEE

Little Miss, Big Sis- Amy Krouse Rosenthal/ JP ROS

Maple and Willow Together- Lori Nichols/ JP NIC

Mama's Belly- Kate Hosford/ JP HOS

Marigold and Daisy- Andrea Zuill/ JP ZUL

A New Brother or Sister- Charlotte Guillain/ J 306.75 GUI

The New Small Person- Lauren Child/ JP CHI

No Room for Baby- Emile Jadoup/ JP JAD

Olive Marshmallow- Katie Saunders/ JP SAU

One Special Day- Lola Schaefer/ JP SCH

Pocket Full of Kisses- Audrey Penn/ JP PEN

Splat and the New Baby- Rob Scotton/ JP SCO

Wolfie the Bunny- Anne Dyckman/ JP DYK