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New Sibling List

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Here is a useful topic list:


Julius the Baby of the World- Kevin Henkes/ JP HEN

Little Frog's Tadpole Trouble- Tatyana Feeney/ JP FEE

Little Miss, Big Sis- Amy Krouse Rosenthal/ JP ROS

Maple and Willow Together- Lori Nichols/ JP NIC

Mama's Belly- Kate Hosford/ JP HOS

Marigold and Daisy- Andrea Zuill/ JP ZUL

A New Brother or Sister- Charlotte Guillain/ J 306.75 GUI

The New Small Person- Lauren Child/ JP CHI

No Room for Baby- Emile Jadoup/ JP JAD

Olive Marshmallow- Katie Saunders/ JP SAU

One Special Day- Lola Schaefer/ JP SCH

Pocket Full of Kisses- Audrey Penn/ JP PEN

Splat and the New Baby- Rob Scotton/ JP SCO

Wolfie the Bunny- Anne Dyckman/ JP DYK











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